Tala Originals 1950s Style Icing Pen In Tin With Writer Nozzle

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Cake decorating couldn’t be easier with the Tala Originals Icing Pen. The slender syringe has been carefully proportioned to fit your hand. It is ideal for writing trellis and decorative colour work such as adding finishing touches to flowers. Your Tala icing pen comes fitted with a No. 2 icing nozzle but this can be interchanged with any Tala threaded nozzle.Tala icing pens have been manufactured in England since the 1950s. The distinctive pastel pink colour is both nostalgic and synonymous with the craft of icing. Every pen involves 15 manufacturing processes and every nozzle an additional 13 hand processes. An antique Tala nozzle still fits one of our icing pens today as none of the production processes have changed. Most importantly your Tala icing pen has been assembled by one of a small team of skilled people; by Debbie Teresa Martin or one of his team. Personalise your cakes and biscuits with a handwritten iced message.