Pets Unlimited Tricolor Chewy Sticks With chicken Small 10 Pieces

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Treat your dog to these tasty tricolor twisted chew sticks with chicken by Pets Unlimited. These sticks are not only a delicious treat they also promote dental health. The Tricolor Twisted Sticks with chicken are the ideal dog treat. These chew snacks are made with natural ingredients such as pure beef-hide and do not contain any artificial additives. As they are also low in fat the sticks make a sensible addition to your dog’s daily menu. Our protein-rich chews are wrapped in delicious chicken - a rich flavour that is sure to make your dog extra happy.Chew sticks are beneficial to your dog’s dental health. Chewing the tough beef-hide helps to clean the dog’s teeth contributing to a strong set of choppers. Munching on these twisted sticks is also great for your pup’s gums which promotes good overall health in your pet. The sticks are suitable for dogs of four months and older and there are ten pieces in a packet.