Toffee Apple Pasties

Toffee Apple Pasties

Hand  pies,  turn-overs,  pasties...whatever  you  call  these  delicious  little pastries,  they  taste  delicious  and  are  incredibly  easy  to  make.  A  mixture of lard  and  butter  makes  for  a  wonderfully  golden  and  flaky  pastry.  If  you are running  short  of  time,  fill  with  jam  or  shop-bought  pie  filling  –  just make sure  you  allow  them  to  cool  slightly  before  tucking in as the insides can get very hot indeed!




250g plain flour

50g lard, cut into pieces

50g  butter, cut into pieces

3  tbs cold water

1  egg,beaten

Demerara sugar

1  apple, peeled and chopped into little pieces

4  toffees cut into quarters

¼  tsp corn flour

¼  tsp  vanilla paste

¼  tsp cinnamon



Mixing  bowl  

Sharp Knife

Chopping board

Measuring spoons

Dessert Spoon

Largest (98mm) circular pastry cutter

Rolling pin

Pastry brush

Baking tray


1. Preheat  the  oven  to  170  degrees  Celsius  (338  degrees  Fahrenheit). 

2. Place  the  flour  and  fats  into  a  food  processor  fitted  with  the  chopping  blade  and  'whizz'  briefly,  until  the  mixture  looks  like  lumpy  sand.

3. Add  the  water  and  pulse  briefly until  the  mixture  can  be  pressed  together  into  a  dough. Turn out the mixture onto the counter top, use your  hands  to  push  it  into  a  ball shape and  place it in the fridge while  you  prepare  the  filling.  

4. Put  the  chopped  apple, cinammon, vanilla paste and cornflour  into  the  mixing bowl and mix  thoroughly with the spoon.  

5. On a floured surface, roll out the dough and using the biggest circular cutter, cut out circles of pastry about 2mm thick.  

6 .Place  a  dessertspoon  of  chopped  apple  into  the  centre  of  the  pastry  circle  with  a  piece  of  toffee  on  top.  

7.  Brush  around  the  circumference  of  the  pastry  circle  with  beaten  egg  and  fold  in  half  to  make a pasty  shape.  Press  down  to  seal  all  the  way  round,  then  use  a  fork  to  press  indentations around  the  edge.  

8. Paint  beaten  egg  all  over  the  surface  of  the  pastry,  sprinkle  with  demerara sugar and bake for 15 minutes until  golden  brown.  


However  tempted  you  are  to  tuck  in,  do  allow  a  few  minutes  for  the pasties  to  cool  because  they  are dangerously  hot  straight  from  the  oven!  

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