Elliott is a British cleaning brand with over 65 years of housework expertise. Founded in London, England, in 1948 by young entrepreneur Otto Elliott, our earliest successes began in selling traditional brush ware, in particular old fashioned scrubbing brushes and hand brushes for floors, steps, and stairs. 

We have grown and developed over the years and aspire to create stylish, effective and time-saving cleaning products to both complement and fit into the busy lifestyle of modern households, and we can whole-heartedly say that using our cleaning tools and accessories will guarantee you a sparkling clean home!

We have four Elliott branded ranges to suit a range of cleaning and utility purposes; from scrubbing potatoes, pots and pans at the sink side, to mopping and scrubbing the floors, hanging up the washing on the line and sweeping up leaves in the garden. 

Choose from our natural collection, the household cleaning range, our classic range of basic cleaning tools, and finally our collection of garden brush ware, tools, and accessories.