Tala Everyday 6 Cup Muffin Pan

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Made from carbon steel with a superior Whitford Xylan non-stick coating ensuring even heat distribution easy food release and the ability to withstand the trials of everyday use. Each product is designed for stack ability and features wide flat handles allowing transportation from the oven with ease. we are proud to have the Tala logo embossed on each product from the range celebrating our status as one of Britain’s oldest and most recognised baking brands. Specifications: Safe for use with metal utensils. Dishwasher fridge freezer and oven proof to 240'C/ 464'F.Tala is one of the oldest and best loved kitchenware brands supplying products worldwide a trusted supplier of baking and cake decorating equipment since 1899. We have a comprehensive range of Baking and Icing essential products that are suitable for both the beginner and expert perfect for the full time or the occasional baker.