Tala Originals Medium Roaster

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Tala enamelware is produced from special heavyweight steel which ensures an extremely firm adhesion of the enamel. Our carefully chosen shapes make each article the right one for the job. The steel is pressed into shape in Oldham Lancashire. In Birmingham it is enamelled. The steel is carefully coated in a fine glass powder and fired at extremely high temperatures to create the smooth coating. The carefully positioned holes in the rim serve two functions they are used to suspend the product during the enamelling process and allow water to drain out of the rim after washing up. Tala enamelware is highly resilient to acids and alkalis it is extremely hard and not easily scratched. This beautiful coloured oven to tableware can be used not only in the oven but also on traditional gas and electric hobs. Your purchase is dishwasher safe but to preserve the enamel we recommend it is washed by hand and dried thoroughly. Do not use metal scourers or abrasives. For stubborn stains leave to soak in soapy water or better still a solution of one dessert spoon of washing powder to every pint of water. Follow our instructions to give you no end of delight and satisfaction. The roaster approximately measures 33 x 24 x 5 cm in size.