Tala Indigo and Ivory Enamelled steel Roaster

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Tala enamelware is manufactured entirely in England and is pressed before being triple enamelled in Yorkshire with a base coat base colour and the interior colour. This process is carried out by a small team of skilled experts to ensure our enamelled roasters deliver outstanding results time after time. Products from the range are super-durable and heavyweight; we use powdered glass on the enamel coating which will never peel or chip away during use or warp when in the oven. The gauge is 1.2mm steel and the coating is so tough you can use the products with metal utensils and at high temperatures. The powdered glass properties which make up the coating also make these roasters eco-friendly. The enamelled steel distributes heat evenly and consistently and releases food flawlessly making them easy to clean and allowing you to cook with less oil making it the healthier choice. Now available in Indigo with beautiful Ivory interiors. The stylish design is completely on-trend complements any type of kitchen and makes for a beautiful oven to tableware. These roasters really are a lifetime purchase.