Elliott Flat Microfibre Mop With Extendable Handle

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The micro sized fibres effectively attract and absorb dirt dust and grease which in turn gets rid of any lurking germs leaving your surfaces sparkling clean without any detergent. Soft and gentle yet super absorbent and highly effective. Use microfibre for a chemical free streak and smear free lint free finish.When using wet simply get the mop microfibre cloth let it do all the cleaning and then give it a good wash. If using dry let the microfibre cloth do all the cleaning then give it a good shake outside and every now and then give it a good wash. The extending handle saves you space as it is very easy to store. After use wash in hot water with mild detergent. You can boil or launder in the washing machine at 60 degrees for an optimum clean. Do not wash with fabric softener as this clogs up its magnificent dirt absorbing ability. The 42cm microfibre mop head is 100% polyester and microfibre mop refills are available when needed. Elliott covers essential cleaning products; with a wide selection in laundry dish brushes rubber gloves nail brushes indoor and outdoor brushware and other essential cleaning items. Our range is practical and functional for your everyday cleaning needs.