Sorbo Microfibre Cloths Pastel Prints 5pcs

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Highly Abosorbent. These quick-drying cleaning towels are designed to effectively dissolve and remove grease spots. When used wet the absorbent polyester fibres attract moisture and oil to cut through and lift grease and grime. It absorbs the dirt into the cloth instead of only moving it around. Streakless Results. The 40x40cm extra large microfibre cleaning cloths polish and leave surfaces scratch and streak free. They can be used for all types of surfaces even without detergent or polishes - all you need is water! Available in 6 fun colours to coordinate each cloth for a different task. Cleaner for Longer. These cleaning cloths can be used dry as dusters. The negatively charged microfibres attract and hold dirt and dust making cleaning effortless. They are completely reusable and can be washed for extended lifetimes. Sorbo has been the leading cleaning specialist for over 50 years. We provide sparkling cleaning solutions for the home.